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PLSS is the sole distributor of Lamson products in Singapore. We integrate, repair and maintain the products from Lamson. Feel free to ask for a non-obligatory quotation for the complete package.

Lamson Logo

Lamson is a national loss prevention and material handling company which is also the largest manufacturer of airtube systems in the Australasian region.

Lamson Products distributed by PL Scientific Services:-

Airtube System - pneumatic tube systems

  • Whizair – a simiple point to point application
  • Cashair – multi-point solution for retail cash handling
  • PTS – imported PC based system used extensively in hospitals and multi-story buildings
  • C.A.S.T. – cash transfer system specific to casino environment.


Lamson EAS System - Shop Guard

Shopguard® EAS systems is one of the leading manufacturers of Radio Frequency anti-shoplifting systems. This system is proven throughout the world to reduce shrinkage by utilizing the latest in electronic detection technology.


Lamson Lift Products

  • Telelift – Lamson offers the ADAL-System (Auto Drop Auto Load). Goods to be transported are dropped into the AutoLoad mailbox which has a preprogrammed destination assignment.

  • Service Lift – We can supply and install affordable dumb waiters for home and commercial applications.

  • Junior Lift – 2 to 6 Floor transport for documents, stationery and files. Easy modular installation and fits into small areas; ideal for retail, light industrial and commercial applications.

  • Multilift – Multilift Multilift is a system for the transport of standard containers with typical dimensions of 600 x 400 mm.


Pictures of lamson products are extracted from www.lamson.com.au. Copyright Reserved by Lamson.

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